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Virtual COO (Chief Operating Officer)


The COO is responsible for ensuring the Strategies, Processes, Systems, People & Projects are in alignment with the Vision, Mission & Goals of the business. When your business is ready both financially (generating a steady income) and operationally, hiring a Virtual COO is the next right step to scale and take your business to the next level making your business more profitable and sustainable.

Virtual COO is the most Cost-effective way to get the executive level assistance. We @ QBS help you build a culture of excellent performance through all areas of your organization.

We help Start-ups, MSMEs converting their ideas to successful businesses through expertise and experience.

For Business Optimization you can trust us!

For you to continuously realize quality improvements in all business processes, not based on vague suspicions and half-baked opinions, but structured problem solving with facts and hard figures. The Six Sigma & Lean method is interesting. Quardonbleu Solutions® helps you introduce Six Sigma to help you reduce variation and Lean in removal and reduction of waste, so that your business processes become Controlled and Predictable.

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