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Case Study

A Safety & Security Company was in need of streamlined and interlinked processes along with technology refresh due to legacy system.
Safety & Security Company

The Challenge

Sales were beginning to grow rapidly and the company was in need of a clear, concise mechanism, standardized process to run the departments smoothly, there was also a need of technology refresh / change in systems.

The Solution

Quardonbleu provided an assistant to the Client in re-designing the processes for all the departments along with the process flow which were then interlinked to be understood by everyone to follow. End to end assistance was provided by understanding the new systems on grounds of easy communication, smooth flow of work right from Sales àCustomer delivery. This had lead team to work in sync which was the utmost requirement for Customer Satisfaction and increase the no of sales and enquiry with Standardized Process. Apart from process Co. was also assisted with various Reporting mechanism like Trend analysis for better negotiating power as the business was budding.