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Case Study

A Healthy Food Supplier (Variety of Soups & Salads) to Celebrity Clients was in need of streamlined process and reduction in manual work was the major ask.

Healthy Food Supplier

The Challenge

Kitchen capacity was not 100% utilized, dedicated staff working on manual tracking of all the orders & Customers request for change, Payment follow up, Messed up orders and Zero Reports.

The Solution

Quardonbleu provided an assistant to the Client by re-designing the Start to End process, Deployed a Customized app for upfront orders; multiple changes, with E-wallet facility for upfront payments from Customers, Supported with multiple Reports (Debtors, Sales, Vendor analysis report etc.). All this had lead to:

  • 99% Reduction in manual work
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • 95% Reduction in utilization of own funds
  • 100% utilization of resources
  • Increase in Working Capital
  • Complete analysis supported with Reports