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Case Study

A Courier Company planning to become a PVT LTD, however were struggling on Compliance part and unstructured processes.
Courier Company

The Challenge

The Client suffered from uncontrolled processes, cash flow issues, undercapitalization, and lack of financial management expertise. The Client accumulated excessive losses and struggled with liquidity issues that threatened the company’s future capability. They wanted to become PVT LTD from a Proprietary firm but were struggling with existing People, Process issues.

The Solution

Quardonbleu provided a complete assistant in re-structuring the process for all the departments (5 depts.) in order to establish procedures for tracking also reconciling sales on a monthly basis. Apart from designing the Process Framework, Data analysis was done to get out put in form of reports it was then observed that 100% OD facility was utilized, the owner was also highlighted the benefits 6 Lacs of recovery that was pending in bits and pieces which was then taken care on priority by the team which benefited on interest component of OD. 100% improvement observed on Compliance front.